Enjoy ‘Summer Songs’, Tiger Saw’s contribution to Burst & Bloom‘s Seasonal Disorder: Summer compilation CD. The compilation also includes our friends Hello Shark, Audrey Ryan, Laurel Brauns, Unbunny, Brekfastsong, Jon Nolan, and many others. This is the first new Tiger Saw song since the Nightingales album, and features Dylan Metrano, Guy Capecelatro III, and Liz Parmalee.

Stream or order the entire compilation HERE, and be sure to check out the previous compilations, Winter and Spring.

In April of 2004, Tiger Saw played on Lowell, MA’s WJUL, and now the set is available for free download. Six songs, including a cover of Jason Anderson’s ‘The Goodbye’ and ‘ If Ever You Have Slept on an Island’, with members of the band Seekonk guesting on vibraphone, guitars, and other instruments. Also notable as one of the few live recordings with Andrew Nelson on drums.

Track six sounds really good.


tickets available HERE

Happy summer, friends.

We wanted to let you know that we’ll have a new song, called ‘Summer Songs’, on Burst & Bloom‘s Seasonal Disorder: Summer compilation CD, due out in August.

We’re playing a special show with our old pal Mount Eerie in Biddeford, ME on September 24th.

There will be a few shows scattered throughout the fall, with a little touring in the winter and spring. Get in touch if you’d like to see Tiger Saw in your town.

A reminder: all five Tiger Saw albums (and then some) can be streamed or downloaded for cheap or free over at Burst & Bloom’s bandcamp site. We also, for the first time in years, have copies of our first three albums on CD. So be sure to pick them up at shows if you haven’t got them in your collection already.

Keeping life amazing: James Blake, The Weeknd, Small Sur, Lia Ices, Miranda July, 1Q84 on it’s way…

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