Tiger Saw live set on ‘Phoning It In’

Tiger Saw at HFA

Tiger Saw performed a set on the Phoning It In podcast this weekend. We performed a few songs, and in the spirit of theAll My Friends book, South ChinaThe Wailing Wall, and Moons of Jupiter (All members of the current Saw lineup),  each performed a Tiger Saw song as well.

The host, Nadav, who has put on a few memerable shows over the years, wrote of the session:

Dylan Metrano, Chris Holt (Moons of Jupiter), Mandy Sabine, Jesse Rifkin (The Wailing Wall), Jerusha Robinson (South China), and Jeremy Robinson (South China) phone it in from Portland, ME. As much a collective as a solo vehicle for Dylan, Tiger Saw’s seen over 100 members throughout its decade of existence (not to mention that Dylan and all those members each play in plenty of different bands). And to celebrate that decade, Dylan’s put together an oral history of the band, ‘All My Friends Are Right Here With Me,’ which comes complete with a CD of covers by friends and band members both past and present. In lesser hands, the thing would be an egotistical mess, except that Dylan is just so damned nice, one of the least ego-driven people you could hope to meet, and the results of any Tiger Saw project are never less than magical. From sleepy slowcore to exuberant singalong folk, downbeat or up-, Dylan’s songs are never less than hopeful and affirming, gentle reminders that there is hope, there is kindness, there is love.

Nadav, KDVS 10/18/2009


Tiger Saw – R U Courageous?
Tiger Saw – All My Friends Are Right Here With Me
Moons of Jupiter – Singing With Ghosts [Tiger Saw]
South China – The Tiger And The Tailor [Tiger Saw]
The Wailing Wall – Postcards And Letters [Tiger Saw]
Tiger Saw – If Ever You Have Slept On An Island
Tiger Saw – Catalina

The session can be streamed or downloaded at http://phoningitin.net/shows/484-Tiger-Saw.


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